Network Scan / Analyses

Your Network is slow and not working optimal,, you ask yourself weather you can improve the performance of your network. These kind of questions can be answered by performing a simple Network Quick Scan.

Netwerk scan / AnalyseA Network Quick Scan is a quick inventory of your existing network infrastructure including switches, routers, wireless access points/controllers and the telephony system. Using the scan, you can see the bottlenecks, potential problem area’s, weaknesses and security vulnerability in your network. From this analysis you receive a detailed report describing the components of your infrastructure with their strengths and risks, including recommendations to remove these risks, improving the network performance and speed.

Voiptec’s Network Security Audit can include a wide variety of tests and assessments, depending on the needs and the available budget. In every case, we’ll direct our attention to the areas of greatest risk first, bringing in additional tests if time and budget allow.