Unified communication

Alot of businesses and home-workers will be familiar with the concept of IP-telephony, because of applications like Skype, which facilitate low-cost, or free voice calls through the Internet. Unified Communications (UC) takes this model and expands it to incorporate other types of communication as well.

The big idea behind UC is unification. By combining telephony and business data on the same network, it gives firms the ability to combine and use voice, data (and video) information in their common business applications, saving and forwarding whole instant message streams, faxes, e-mails, voice phone calls or videoconferencing sessions as chunks of data.

Unified communications (UC) encompasses several communication systems or models including unified messaging, collaboration, and interaction systems; real-time and near real-time communications; and transactional applications.

Unified messaging focuses on allowing users to access voice, e-mail, fax and other mixed media from a single mailbox independent of the access device.

Multimedia services include messages of mixed media types such as video, sound clips, and pictures, and include communication via short message services (SMS).

Collaboration and interaction systems focus on applications such as calendaring, scheduling, workflow, integrated voice response (IVR), and other enterprise applications that help individuals and workgroups communicate efficiently.

Some Benefits of Unified Communication:

  • Collaboration
  • A single Inbox
  • Efficient communication
  • Access from anywheree
  • Cost savings
  • Real Time Presence

Voiptec offers Cisco Unified Communications Manager Business Edition affordable for small and medium sized businesses up to 500 users.

For small and medium-sized businesses that need the kind of phone capabilities found in much larger companies, Cisco Unified Communications Manager Business Edition offers advanced communications to meet your changing business needs. Cisco Unified Communications Manager Business Edition offers a range of features and benefits including:

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  • Call forwarding and “find me, follow me” groups
  • Voice messaging, voice and video call processing, and automated attendant
  • Can be integrated with Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express
  • Available as a single server appliance
  • Integrated mobility including single-number reach