Remote Access VPN/SSL VPN


he Cisco SSL VPN IOS is the first router-based solution offering Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) VPN remote-access connectivity integrated with industry-leading security and routing features on a converged data, voice, and wireless platform. Remote Access VPN-SSL VPNSSL VPN is compelling; the security is transparent to the end user and easy for IT to administer. With Cisco IOS SSL VPN, end users gain access securely from home or any Internet-enabled location such as wireless hotspots. Cisco IOS SSL VPN also enables companies to extend corporate network access to offshore partners and consultants, keeping corporate data protected all the while. Cisco IOS SSL VPN is useful for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) looking to extend remote access to employees and business partners. In addition, enterprises with a large number of small or medium-sized branches can use the Cisco IOS SSL VPN to combine remote access gateway capabilities with branch routers, thereby providing load-distribution functionality and redundancy to central-site VPN gateways. The diagram below illustrates an application example for Cisco IOS SSL VPN.

IPsec remote access VPNs enable teleworkers and other remote access users to access resources at a central site and experience a similar level of functionality that they would experience if they were physically present at that central site.

It is worth noting that an IPsec remote access VPN deployment can make use of both software and hardware clients to establish VPN connections, depending on the particular requirements of remote access users.

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